Jan 20, 2019

Smiling back on 2018, the joy of walking, Thoreau, Wild Geese, and more…

Vector of mountain road with text 2019 in forefront.

On the Road in 2019
Photo by: Vecteezy

We hope your 2019 is looking positive and you have lots of travel planned!

Here are 10 things we think worth sharing about full-time RV life.

1.  In honor of 2019, these 19 things make us smile about 2018.

2.  They say walking is one of the best forms of exercise. And as a full-time RVer, walking is a joy as you experience new trails, new views, and new wonderment. My goal this year is 25 miles a week!

3.  Speaking of walking, I’m currently reading Henry David Thoreau’s Journal. He was quite the walker and nature observer. It’s interesting to read his passages for the same day as my walk.

4.  The longest federal government shutdown in history continues as National Parks suffer. Here’s how you can help.

5.  And cheers to Delta Airlines for lending a hand to open the Martin Luther King National Park just in time for the federal holiday.

6.  And on another sweet note, January 23 is National Pie Day! Here’s an apple pie recipe you can make in an Instant Pot!

7.  Meet our new love, Gracie: The new full-time RV kitty.

8.  Mary Oliver inspired me to draw this Canada goose.

9.  Making plans for Big Bend in the spring. Do you have any tips and insights?

10.  Making these Asian Cauliflower Wings today for the playoffs. Hope it’s as good as the games. Go, Patriots!

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you down the road!

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