Three Mt. Albert goldenrod flowers taken in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

Mt. Albert Goldenrod, Rocky Mountain National Park
Photo by: What’s Outside Our Door

19 happy things in 2018

In honor of 2019, here are 19 things that make us happy about 2018.

1. Learning how to use my new Sony a6000 camera! 

Working with Emma Davies’ free online photography workshop was a huge factor. She’s sweet, doesn’t teach over your head, and takes things slow. Buying her workbook really helped as we went through the class.

2. Learning to let go and see where the wind takes us.

Yes, you need some planning, but we decided to take things slow and stay a while instead of looking ahead at the next place.

3. Pikes Peak

Couple arm in arm on top of Pikes Peak with quote that says,

Standing on top of Pike’s Peak / Photo: What’s Outside Our Door

4. Animals, animals, animals!

So cool to see them thriving in their natural habitats. Moose, elk, bighorn sheep, yellow-bellied marmot, prairie dogs, least chipmunk, wild horses, black bears, mule deer, bison, grizzly bears.

5. National Park Passport Stamps!

Mesa Verde
Rocky Mountain
Grand Teton

6. Family

Older father and adult son sitting outside fifth-wheel on sunny day.

 Father & Son, Ft. Collins, CO / Photo: What’s Outside Our Door

 7. Living the High Life at the Coors Factory Tour and learning about the 102-year-old man that started it all.

8. Standing on 4 states at one time. Really?

Woman in shorts and ball cap standing on the 4 Corners, San Juan County, NM.

Four Corners, San Juan County, NM / Photo: What’s Outside Our Door

9. Figuring out the perfect 2-day itinerary for Yellowstone National Park and creating an e-book (coming soon!).

10. Meeting Reggie, the Raven in Arches National Park.

Raven standing on post in Arches National Park.

 Reggie, the Raven, Arches National Park / Photo: What’s Outside Our Door

11. And other birds! Spotted towhee, bluebird, meadowlark, lark bunting, and the most special: an eagle (spotted in the Grand Teton National Park).

12. Fearless Farris and his wit.

13. Experiencing 69° weather in the middle of July! Brian B’s Climate Blog is a great resource!

14. Boulder, CO and all the happy people that live there!

15. One of the best museums I have ever visited: Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

16. Wind River Country, Dubois, WY and walking through the badlands.

17. Learning the native plants that were important to the indigenous people. Indian ricegrass, big sagebrush, Fremont barberry, Utah juniper, pinyon tree, prickly pear.

Did you know the pinyon tree produces its tasty pine nuts once every 6 years?

18. Laying under the stars in complete darkness at Canyonlands. The Milky Way was so close; you could touch it. One of the most amazing experiences in my life.

19. Finally getting rid of our storage unit. We are now 100% free of stuff. Looking forward to a bright 2019 with many beautiful views Outside Our Door!

Thanks for reading!

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