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Fat Strawberry Picked at Sweet Berry Farms
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There’s nothing worse than pulling strawberries out of the fridge only to find them mushy, moldy, and gross. So you throw them out with a huff wishing you hadn’t bought them in the first place.

Not only is it a waste of food, but throwing expensive strawberries out hurts your pocketbook too.

So since February is Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month, here are four ways to store strawberries longer and save money.

good for 2 days


If you’re like me, the first thing you do when unpacking strawberries from the grocery store is to put them in the fridge.

Stop doing that.

Instead, leave the strawberries out on the counter in their original container.

Strawberries taste best at room temperature. Be sure to wash them before eating.

Good for 1 week


If you have strawberries leftover after two days, remove the stems and place them on a paper towel inside an airtight container. 

Now you can place the strawberries in the fridge.

Important: Do not wash them until ready to serve.

Good for 2 weeks


This method of storing strawberries longer is for the times you go berry picking or come across a great sale that causes you to buy a lot of strawberries you know you can’t eat within a week.

The first thing you do is to soak the strawberries for 5 minutes (stems intact) in ¼ C vinegar & 1 ½ C water.

After soaking, place them in a colander and gently rinse. Place on a paper towel to dry.

When they are completely dry, place them on a paper towel inside an airtight container and refrigerate.

Good for 12 months


Instead of buying frozen strawberries for your smoothies and daiquiris; why not freeze your own?

Rinse strawberries in a colander (stems intact) and rinse. Allow the strawberries to dry on a paper towel.

Once the strawberries are completely dry, remove the stems and arrange separately on a parchment-lined baking sheet.

Place the baking sheet in the freezer uncovered overnight.

Place frozen strawberries in a freezer bag removing as much air as possible. 

Label the bags and enjoy throughout the year!

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