Feb 22, 2019

Avoiding Academy Award drama, a new National Park,
local gas station restaurant, and more…

Rows of gold, shiny Academy Award Oscars.

Gold Oscars
Photo by: analogicus on pixaby

This week is full of RV repairs. Luckily, we are working with a professional and competent repair company. We especially appreciate their expertise working with the warranty company. 

Here are 8 things worth sharing about full-time RV life this week.

1. Trending: Avoid Academy Awards drama. Here are some past Oscars winners and their RVs to enjoy.

2. Celebrating: We have a new National Park this week! Meet Indiana Dunes. And in honor of the celebration, download this free updated 61 National Park checklist.

3. Experiencing: Local fare. Yes, it looks like a gas station, but the food at Oli’s Kitchen Bar & Grill in Round Mountain, TX is fresh, savory, and satisfying.

4. WatchingGuy’s Family Road Trip. He loads up the family RV and off they go from sea to shining sea.

5. Reading: Janelle of Operation Liberty wrote a hilarious article about the 20 Questions Full-Time RVers Frequently Ask.

6. Moving: I’m out still walking pretending to be Henry Thoreau. But do you know about this when you need a gym? Perfect for full-timers!

7. Petting: Here’s a dog friendly destination guide you can take Pooch without any worries.

8. Learning: RVers have their own lingo. How many can you answer correctly

What’s Outside Your Door this Week? 

On the road, some people don’t have any idea who I am;
they just see some old woman doddering around.
I don’t have paparazzi chasing me — I’m not of that ilk.

—Kathy Bates, 70-year-old Academy Award winner