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a traveler without observation
is a bird without wings.
—Moslih Eddin Saadi

why we blog

lest we forget

T he phrase “Lest we forget” is usually about soldiers and war during times of remembrance like Memorial Day.

Living a full time RV life is not like fighting in a war, but there are plenty of things that happens we should never forget which in turn may help you.

This blog is full of lest we forget moments like the time we left the kitchen cabinet full of condiments unsecured resulting in a sticky mess resembling a war crime.

Or how we Finally Got Our S#*! Together (coming

soon) with the right chemical combination to avoid that terrible odor that smells like something died under our rig.

But this blog also serves a purpose for sharing and discovery, like why we think everyone in Boulder, CO seems to live on the happy side of life (coming soon), and 9 reasons we hate tourists and why you should too (coming soon).

This blog is also about prairie dogs, pine trees, beer, and haunted prisons. It’s about our experiences on this unconventional road of life; lest we forget.

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