Time spent with cats is never wasted.

—Sigmund Freud


W hen we started full time RVing in September 2016, we had three cats living with us since they were kittens.

Now we only have one. 😔


We lost our dear Sadie in December 2016 at the ripe old age of 16. She was the Queen of the Rig and never had a bad day in her life.

black cat

Sadie, Queen of the Rig / Photo: What’s Outside Our Door


Since Sadie was the boss, Little Kittie now had the opportunity to rule the roost, which she did with total enthusiasm.

She was a little cat with a big personality. Her job was to make sure everything was in order and that all sectors around the rig remained secure. We called her the Little General.

We lost Little Kittie in October 2017 while we were in Plymouth, MA. She was also sixteen years old.

Calico cat with tongue sticking out.
Little Kittie: Small cat, Big personality / Photo: What’s Outside Our Door

Harley Davidson, Jr.

Which leaves Harley.

Harley Davidson, Jr. to be correct.

Harley lived under a house in Houston with her feral family until she was in her teenage years (about a year in cat years).

Someone brought her to me in a box. When I opened the box, the Tasmanian devil emerged in full vengeance.

But she was a beautiful devil. So we kept her. We described her as being “soft as a powder puff, mean as a snake.”

That was fourteen years ago.

love conquers all

90% of Harley’s wild side has disappeared. Maybe because of the consistency, love, and familiarity she came to trust us.

But that 10% is still there, and you never know when it’s going to strike. It hurts your feelings for a moment, but then she comes back for more love, which we freely give.

And now she RVs full-time around the country!

RV travel

Harley adapted well to our routine and is comfortably placed in her cat carrier to ride in the back seat of the truck.

We don’t feed or give her water on departure mornings. Since our trips are no longer than 3 to 4 hours, she seems content to wait in her carrier until we arrive at our new destination.

The familiarity of the rig, being fed, the exciting new view outside the windows, seem to satisfy her that all is well. Who knew she would be the one to travel so smooth and effortless? Be the sole cat in the family? Be happy and serene in her senior years?

It just goes to show you that Love Prevails All.

Beautiful siamese-looking cat
Harley Davidson Jr.: Soft as a Powder Puff, Mean as a Snake / Photo: What’s Outside Our Door


Sadly, Harley passed away on December 30, 2018. It is amazing how well she adapted to RV life and seemed to be very happy in her senior days. We miss her every day.

So now there’s only the two of us with no cats?

Of course, that didn’t last long, as we both wanted to share our life with another kitty love.


So off we went in search for a new cat which proved harder than it should have.

The nearby shelter only had a phone number to call as they don’t want people to drop off animals. As a result, they don’t disclose their location preventing you from just showing up to view animals.

I understand that, but they also didn’t answer the phone . . . Or return messages.

We dropped by the veterinary office for suggestions which also tried to reach the shelter. When that didn’t work, they suggested we drive some distance to another shelter that doesn’t hide their address.

We thanked them, and just as we were leaving, an employee said, “You know, the pet supply store around the corner rescues cats from kill shelters. You might want to go there and look.”


So off we went. Fifteen minutes later, we found this love!


Gray kitten sitting on countertop looking directly at camera.

Gracie, 9 months old / Photo: What’s Outside Our Door 

There will be many more pics of Gracie.

It thrills us our full time RV family is complete again!


Mods & Accessories

LITTER BOX: Where does the litter box go in such a small space? We came up with a genius idea!

CAT CARRIER: This is the cat carrier Harley travels in.  It makes her feel safe and satisfies her love for cubbyholes and dark places. It’s also purr-fect for RVers because it folds flat making it easy to store in the basement. A win-win for everyone!

CAT BED: Speaking of cubbyholes, Sadie loved this cat cave! It’s made by Nepalese artisans that use 100% New Zealand Merino wool that cats love. After Sadie passed, Little Kitty made it her day bed. You will like it too for its flexible (it will fit anywhere) and seeing your cat so happy!

also see

  • CAT LEASH:  We went through several cat leashes for Little Kittie (she loved to be outdoors!), until we found this one she couldn’t slip out of no matter how much she wiggled.

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