full-time RV
special days

Live in each season as it passes:
breathe the air, drink the drink,
taste the fruit.
—Henry David Thoreau


celebrate as if

every day’s a holiday

W hen you travel full-time in an RV, every day can seem like a holiday with new sights and experiences. That’s why doing ordinary things in unusual places makes everyday life seem unique. 

But some days are even more special as the clock turns. One of the beauties of living full-time in an RV is that you can go anywhere, anytime to celebrate and still be at home.

But on the other side, this lifestyle can seem to miss out on sticks-and-bricks traditions like trick-or-treaters or decking the halls for Christmas.

The solution is to get creative when it comes to traditional holidays. Visit famous trees on Arbor Day. Honor Martin Luther King Jr. in his hometown. Visit real haunted houses on Halloween.

And there are quirky special days to celebrate too, like World Toilet Day, Winnie the Pooh Day, and Happiness Happens Day.

The purpose of What’s Outside Our Door’s Days section is to help you explore traditional and non-traditional holiday ideas while on the road and to expand the affections of your soul.  Enjoy!

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What's Outside Our Door Blog
RV cats
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What's Outside Our Door's rig.
RV Life Financials
The What's Outside Our Door folks.




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