RV Litter Box Mod

T he first thing we look for at RV shows is where in the world will the litter box go.

Could the litter box go in the bedroom?


How gross to smell that in the middle of the night, not to mention the terrible feeling of stepping on the litter in bare feet.

Could the litter box go in the bathroom? We’ve read how other RVers place the litter box in the shower and then move it each time before showering.


Handling a litter box every time you want to shower seems arduous with a much larger gross factor than having it in the bedroom.

Could the litter box go in the living area, maybe under the dinette?


A litter box smell does not mix well with breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

What are we going to do?

What We Did

We agree with Steve’s post in the RV.net forum about “hiding” the litter box and not using the shower for a cat toilet.

One option for our Vanleigh Vilano fifth wheel is to have a residential dishwasher installed.

We purchased the dishwasher, but chose not to have it installed.

We placed the litter box in the dishwasher space where it fits perfectly.

Photo by Chris Abney on Unsplash

I have a 39′ 5er and DW has a cat . . . I would like to get ideas, suggestions, pictures of people who have ‘hidden’ their litter box. I know a lot of people put them in the shower but I don’t want to do that. Anybody have any thoughts besides in the shower??

STEVE from RV.net

RV cat litter box (clean!) 👍🏼 inside dishwasher cabinet
Photo by: What’s Outside Our Door

But What About Entering and Exiting?

So far, so good, but how will the cats enter and exit the litter box?

Remember the pet door you had in your sticks and bricks? We used the same thing by cutting a hole in the cabinet door and installing a small pet door. Now the cats can enter and exit the litter box through the pet door.

One More Problem

But these cats are up in their Senior years and had never used a pet door. How are they going to “learn” to push their heads through a plastic door to go into a dishwasher cabinet when before they went into an open space litter box?

As Jamie Hyneman from MythBusters fame says, “Duct tape is not a perfect solution to anything. But with a little creativity, in a pinch, it’s an adequate solution to just about everything.”

So with some duct tape and blocks of wood, we created a litter box pet door, and the rest is cat love history.

Litter Box Dishwasher Cabinet Mod
Photos by: What’s Outside Our Door

Photo by Lauren Kay on Unsplash

I know to some people it is weird but that was one of the big consideration for what floor plan to choose depended on where I could put a litterbox because I sure as heck did not want it in our bedroom or living room.

bigskyjimmy from Montana Club forum


Now if Only . . .

Now if only the RV industry would recognize the need for specialized pet areas like litter boxes, RVers could shower without having to move the litter box and maybe even have a dishwasher too!

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