Mar 22, 2019

Annual RV Dealers award list, how travel makes you a better person,
wild turkeys, and more…

Wild turkeys behind fence in Texas Hill Country

Wild Turkeys on My Walk
Photo by What’s Outside Our Door

This week is all about Spring and making summer plans! 

Here are 8 things worth sharing about full-time RVing this week.

1. Trending: Did your RV brand make the 2019 RV Dealers’ Association Quality Circle Award list? Sadly, ours didn’t. 😢  

2. Celebrating: 🎉 The Guest blog I wrote for 5 Reasons Full-Time RV Living Makes You a Better Person Without Even Trying. If you like it, a thumbs up on the post is greatly appreciated!

3. Experiencing: Hitch-itch! It’s time to go! We are looking forward to adding to our state map! It fits perfect on our slide right in front of the door.  

4. Watching: The Daytripper in Big Bend National Park.  

5. ReadingThe Way of the Traveler: Making Every Trip a Journey of Self-Discovery by Joseph Dispenza. I keep a written journal of our travels, but this book takes it further to help you understand why travel is a sacred journey to self-discovery.  

6. Walking: Back to it and loving it! Came across these wild turkeys this week! And no, not the kind you drink. 😉  

7. Eating: Popcorn using this very cool microwave popper. It’s perfect for RVers as it folds flat to fit in a drawer instead of using a bulky appliance that takes up a lot of space.  

 8. Learning: I love words and improving my vocabulary. I recently found this website that not only defines words in a human way, but you can also create a list and have the site quiz you. So cool!

What’s Outside Your Door this Week? 


Travel shakes things up. It keeps us on our toes.
—What’s Outside Our Door

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