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Purple lilacs in front of Lake Huron on Mackinac Island.

Mackinac Island Review: Is it Worth It?

Mackinac Island is about lilacs and horses 🐎, and people, and bikes 🚴🏻‍♀️, and more people.⁣⁣⁣ Is it worth it? It depends. Do you like fudge?

Buckstaff Bathhouse in Hot Springs, Ark

Hot Springs, Arkansas: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Hot Springs, Arkansas is a strange place for a National Park. Here is a list of some things that are “hot,” and other things that “aren’t so hot.”

3 ripe strawberries arranged in a triangle on a stone surface.

Celebrate February Strawberries at Plant City Florida

February is for strawberries! How did a small Florida town become the Winter Strawberry Capital of the World? See, stay, eat here during the Strawberry Festival.

Couple in blue convertible hand waving while driving down the road in residential area.

The Fine Art of Hand Waving: What that Person is Really Saying

As a frequent walker I observe many people waving from their vehicle while passing me on the road. What does their hand waving really mean?

Fifth-wheel and dually truck parked at RV park under blue skies.

Think You’re Cut Out For Full-Time RV Living?

Take this fun quiz to find out if you have what it takes for full-time RV living. Living in an RV full time is not for everyone. Many variables must come together to ensure full-time RV living is for you. See what category you fall into based on answering this 20 question quiz.