Wild turkeys behind fence in Texas Hill Country

Wild Turkeys
Photo by: What’s Outside Our Door


So happy to see these fantastic birds on my walk today. They were gobbling away, delighted to be in their natural environment.

I think these turkeys are the Rio Grande species. Being springtime, I bet they are mating and laying their eggs that hatch in late April and May.

Turkeys need water every day, and with all the recent rain and the flood last October, there’s still a lot of standing water in the area. 

My Pet Turkey

I once had a pet turkey named, of course, Tom.

He was a smart fella’ that liked to gobble in the middle of the night.

He enjoyed his feathers stroked and liked to hang around with the hens. He was great keeping the insect population down from around my vegetable garden. 

We learned at our Mesa Verde National Park visit that eating insects were one of the reasons the cliff dwellers kept turkeys.

In fact, we saw one crossing the road on our way out of the park.

Maybe he was an ancestor to an ancient Puebloan turkey! 

Who knows?

I’m just happy these Texas turkeys joined me on my walk today.

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